Painted Sculptures

The UK is passionate about hand painted animals and was actually the first place to introduce animal rights laws in the 19th century. Whether you are looking for a great piece of art for your home or a lovely gift, why not celebrate a favourite animal? You can do just that with our incredible painted sculptures. These collectable pieces have been on display around the UK and overseas in Europe and the USA.

Professional artists

The Painted Pigs Company is home to professional artists Ruth Green and Di Ralston. They use all their talent and creativity to paint the sculptures and ensure they look incredible. The different designs are amazing, ranging from flowers to doodles and patterns.

All of the sculptures are created by professional sculptor Jonathan Green. He has been sculpting the animals since we started out in 2008, making every one since our very first pig. As a result you can expect each piece to be perfect.

Beautiful in any setting

People love our painted sculptures because of the animals, bright colours, and quirky designs. They look great anywhere in the home, from living areas to bathrooms and kitchens. Each piece has a special coating of clear gloss varnish that makes the acrylic paint design stand out while also offering UV protection. As a result you won’t have to worry about the paint fading if you leave your sculpture on a windowsill or even outside.

We love how many people choose to put our sculptures outside in their gardens. They are made from strong resin/fibreglass so can cope well in most weathers. However we do advise that people cover them entirely or move the pieces inside when winter arrives. The last thing we want is the low temperatures or snow and hail to damage them.

What design do you want on your painted sculptures?

The great thing about ordering one of our sculptures is there are lots of designs to choose from. If you want something a little different we also accept bespoke commissions. Here you can decide exactly what you want, including different pieces that will fit with various colour schemes or fabrics.

You can browse our collection of painted sculptures on our website. If you have any questions you can contact us. We also recommend you get in touch if you want to commission a unique piece.