Animal Sculptures

The Painted Pigs Company knows just how much people love animals. That is why we create stunning animal sculptures that will look great in every home. We even offer large pieces that are suitable for placing in the garden in spring, summer and autumn.

Why do we create animal sculptures?

Our artists, Ruth Green and Di Ralston, and sculptor Jonathan Green all have a passion for animals. This is something they share with millions of people in the UK and around the world. Whatever your favourite may be, we can commission a sculpture for you. Each piece is hand painted, featuring either one of our designs or your own unique one.

A choice of sizes

We offer sculptures in a variety of sizes. For example there are small cats, pigs and cows that are perfect for displaying on the mantle. Then we have larger cats, elephants and other animals. Our largest pieces include a full size cow, a full size sheep, or a baby elephant. They will look incredible in your garden.

Where can you place the sculptures?

The animal sculptures look fantastic in all homes, whether you have rustic or contemporary decor. You can choose a design you love or ask us for a unique commission. As a result you can decide exactly which room you want them in or choose a piece that will add colour to your garden.

All of our sculptures are made from fibreglass/resin. As a result they are naturally quite durable and should last. We hand paint them with quality acrylic paint so the designs really stand out. Finally, we finish with several coats of a carefully selected clear gloss varnish. This protects the paint, reinforces the material, and provides UV protection so the paint does not fade.

While the animal sculptures are great for use outdoors and in warm, humid parts of your home such as bathrooms or poolside, you do need to take care of them. When the temperatures drop in winter you need to wrap them or bring the sculptures inside.

Choose your sculpture

We are really proud of our work and have had the honour to display it around the UK and overseas. If you want a beautiful piece for your home, or are looking for a great gift, you can order from us with ease. Just choose your sculpture on our website or contact us to speak about a bespoke commission.